AQG Member 2021-2022

Almonte Quilters’ Guild Membership 2021-2022

Welcome, or welcome back, to the Almonte Quilter’s Guild.

You will be asked to create a password that has a minimum of MEDIUM strength.  To qualify, it will need to be at least 8 characters in length, with a mix of lower and upper case letters, at least one number, and a symbol from the following list: !?'”$%^&*()[]{}_-+=.,:;@~#<>/\|

(hint from our Webmaster:  If you struggle with strong passwords, think of a sentence you can remember, replace words with numbers and symbols that make sense and then use the number, symbol or first letter of each remaining word.  Example:  I ate lunch with my Mom and Dad, would become I8lwmM&D)

If you were a paid guest at the May 2021 or June 2021 meetings, watch for an email with a discount code for you to use here.